Privacy and Security Policy

Dear visitor, welcome to the “” (hereinafter referred to as this Website)! Based on respecting and protecting your security and privacy, this website has drawn up a privacy policy statement for privacy and information security.

To assist you understand the security of the services when you use the website and how we collect, apply and protect the personal information you provide when you use this website, please read and understand the following instructions:

Applicable scope

Collection, reference and protection of personal data involved in the use of the services of this website.Collection and reference of personal data.

(1) The website will automatically record the user’s online time and the web pages viewed on the website. The data is intended to be provided to the management unit of this website for internal analysis of total website traffic and online behavior surveys, thereby facilitating the improvement of the service quality of this website. This website does not analyze individual users.
(2) If you need to provide personal information by sending an email to the customer service mailbox of this website, this information will only be used to reply to you and help us to provide the information you need.
(3) External websites linked by this website may also collect your personal information. Those websites have their own privacy protection policies for the personal information you provide. Their data processing measures do not apply to this website. This website does not assume any joint responsibility in this regard.

Information security

(1) Unauthorized attempts to upload or change web page information or vandalism by monitoring network traffic are identified using a network intrusion detection system.
(2) A firewall is installed to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction or theft of data, and to prevent unauthorized use of the website, thereby protecting the rights of users.
(3) Anti-virus software is installed. Regular virus scanning is carried out to provide a secure web browsing environment for users.
(4) The appropriate patch is updated regularly according to notification from the relevant operating system vendor.
Ways to share and disclose information

This website will never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any users’ personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies. However, in a few special circumstances outlined below, your personal data may be processed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. These situations include (but are not limited to):

(1) When you send an email to the customer service mailbox of this website and your needs are related to other government agencies, we may share your personal information with other government agencies.
(2) Your acts on this website are in violation of its privacy and security policies or may harm or hinder the rights of this Website or cause damage to anyone; this Website concludes after study and analysis that disclosure of your personal data in necessary in order to identify, contact or take legal action.
(3) Based on the idea of good faith, it is believed that exposing your personal data is required by law.
(4) A judicial unit requires the disclosure of certain personal data on this website for public safety; this Website will consider the legality of the judicial unit and compliance with statutory procedures, then this Website may adopt the necessary cooperation measures after considering the security of all users.

Privacy protection statement advice

If you have any doubts and questions about the privacy protection announcement on this website, please feel free to contact us through the customer service mailbox.